Would I like Accounting?

<p>I'm at a crossroads for my careers - I just graduated undergrad with BS in Econ. I'm immediately going into the MBA at my school (yes I know its a horrible decisions - save it please). I have an interest in problem solving, analysis, and math. I think I would enjoy a position as a corporate controller, management accountant, or something very close to heart of the corporations profits. </p>

<p>The problem is I'm not sure how much I would enjoy accounting. I had 2 accounting classes in undergrad and they did not go well. The problem was the classes were online, as well as the book. I had to teach myself accounting for fina. and managerial accounting. There was no instructor support, only quizzes and tests. I don't even think there were video lectures. From this experience I have a bad taste for accounting. I'm not contemplating going into the MS in Acc and getting my CPA, instead of doing the MBA. From what I have researched, acct is the best way to get into a controller position. </p>

<p>As long as I thoroughly understand the material, and there is the opportunity for analysis and problem solving, I might enjoy it. </p>

<p>I am intelligent in math, and also have A.D.D. which from what I researched can actually be beneficial in accounting (if you stay away from tax)</p>


<p>A few things for you to consider. The first is that most corporate financial management positions (such as controller) will prefer CPA, though the CMA is gaining some ground in the private sector. You will need to evaluate whether your MBA program will allow you to sit for either, or both of these exams. Secondly, you don't just get to start out in a controller position right out of your MBA, so you need to think about how you are going to get there, and wheter that type of work will interest you. One of the better ways to get into such a position would be to go work at one of the Big 4 for a number of years and then jump ship into the private sector. If you choose this path, the CPA is a must. You can always start out in the private sector and work your way up, but keep in mind you will more than likely start in a field such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc..</p>

<p>Accounting is a lot more than math skills. I think you know this as you mentioned the analytical side. However, you truly need to understand the core concepts in accounting to advance in the degree. From what you mentioned about your 2 intro classes, it sounds like they were tough and may not have laid a good foundation for what you will need to know. This will make the intermediate accounting classes extremely difficult, if not impossible to pass as you will be trying to play catch up the entire time. If you truly enjoy accounting and want to get into a controller type position, I would reevaluate your MBA, and consider a masters in accounting program.</p>

<p>I've written accounting systems in the past and have worked with accountants in maintaining accounting systems. I've also taken three accounting courses.</p>

<p>I think that a lot of the work that staff accountants do is pretty mundane but it gets far more interesting once you move into management. You do get a bird's eye-view of your division or your company and good management skills can take you to the top or near the top. I've also read that one of the worst jobs for those with ADD is accounting.</p>

<p>A lot of people recommend going into something that you love as your interest will carry you through the tough times in your major. For you, that might mean working in something that you're not that interested in as a stepping-stone to something better. You would have to keep your eye on the prize.</p>

<p>If you don't like your job, others will notice it and it may make it harder to do a very good job which is something required for promotions.</p>

<p>No one actually likes accounting.</p>

<p>What about Bob at AccountTemps?</p>