Would I still have a chance at the UCs? (junior)

<p>Asian Male, with a permanent residence in California
2nd Generation to college
Very Low Income</p>

<p>UC GPA: 3.42
SAT: 1780 </p>

Tutoring: 30-ish hours
Recycling Club: 40+ hours</p>

<p>I took 2 honors classes so far in 10th-11th. No APs yet :(</p>

<p>I'm going to take the SAT a second time to improve my score and finish off my SATIIs. </p>

<p>I know this sounds bad, but I have a situation. My dad passed away suddenly toward in my sophomore year and my family lost our home and many of our personal belongings. I was devastated by the event, and found it impossible to concentrate at school. I also had to take care of my mom, whom is going through a form of severe Parkinson's disease.</p>

<p>I'd like to know if I still have a chance of going to some of the UC schools like UCD, UCI, or UCSB if I get my act together and get a good GPA senior year.</p>

<p>Being a Cali native is a boost for the UCs, but your GPA and test scores are on the low side. I notice that may be b/c of the lack of APs, consider taking some next year. Is there an upward trend to your grades?</p>

<p>Prep well for that next SAT. While it's not necessary to have 2000+ to get in, I will be blunt with you. I too am an Asian male and regardless of whether it's right or wrong (we are so NOT going to have an affirmative action debate in this thread), the fact of the matter is that this will hurt your chances. </p>

<p>I do believe, however, with good test scores, you can stay competitive at the UCs. </p>

<p>I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss and your present hardships. Admittedly, I cannot even begin to fathom how hard your life is. My hat's off to you.</p>

<p>Just focus on working at those test scores and apply to a LOT of schools. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply, I truly appreciate the response. </p>

<p>Yes, there has been an upward trend in my grades since my freshman year, with the exception of the second semester of my sophomore year. I've heard that that would be a plus, although I'm not sure how heavily it will affect admissions.</p>

<p>Its very comforting to know I still have a chance at it.</p>

<p>I would say you have a good shot at all the UC schools except UCLA and UCB.
They will probably be sympathetic to you.
Wow, my heart goes out to you.
They'll by sympathetic but not push overs, they may be unforgiving as well...
I would apply to ALL of the UC schools, make sure they know why your grades took a dip.
although, if my mom was sick, I would want to go somewhere near, so if you lived in the bay area I would go for UCSC or UCB...if you live in LA I would go for UCSB, UCLA, and UCI.
actually, if i were you I would apply to USC, cause they are private you can really get some financial aid from a private institution.
best of luck</p>