Would it be a good idea if I sent only two SAT II Subject Tests?

<p>I know JHU recommends three, but I did really bad on one of my test (520). </p>

<p>Should just send two? or send three?</p>

<p>We prefer three.</p>

<p>I only sent two because I've only taken two for now but I'm taking Chemistry this Saturday...I didn't know Hopkins preferred three. The only thing I had read was that up to three was recommended.</p>

<p>Hey Daniel, how come on your forums, this other guy was stressing how much that the SAT II was "optional" in the first place, and that any SAT II sent was good?</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply.</p>

<p>Because SAT IIs are optional. Applicants can submit zero, one, two, three, or more. However, as I stated previously we prefer three.</p>