Would it be inappropriate to ask my GC this?

I was planning on writing about the reason for my two Bs in freshman year. Both my mother and I were hospitalized due to mental health problems (my mother was in for at least a month), which made my second semester really difficult. I ended the year with two Bs (89s lol) partly because of the time it took to learn how to cope with the situation. My counselor knows about this, but I don’t know if they plan on putting it in their letter of recommendation. Is it appropriate to ask them if they plan on touching on the topic? I know I signed an agreement saying I can’t see my letters of rec, but I just want to make sure that I’m not adding this information to the additional information section of my Common App. Not only would it be redundant, but I also don’t want admissions officers to think I’m using it as a really big excuse for my shortcomings that year. Also, those were my only Bs ever, so I don’t consider them to be a significant hindrance in my admissions chances (3.95 UW vs. 4.0 UW). There was just a real reason for why my academic performance dropped at that time.

tltr: Is it okay to ask my GC if they plan on talking about a certain topic in their letter of recommendation for me even though I waived my right to read my letters of rec?

While the important thing is that both you and your mother are doing well, save yourself the eyerolls from your GC and/or AOs trying to “explain” why your GPA is “only” 3.95.

@skieurope Ok, this was my impression of the situation and I totally agree. I didn’t want to come off as arrogant or elitist. I completely understand that a 3.95 is still a GPA that I should be proud of. Thanks for the recommendation!

The gc can still use your turnaround in praising your determination and successes. They don’t need to go into specifics about what the issue was. It can just be a family challenge.

I see this less about explaining B grades and more about a chance to highlight your strengths, resilience.

In the end, make the decision you’re most comfortable with.