Would it be possible to take WTE, CC, and TI?

<p>I know this might somewhat unusual, but I find myself to be very interested in all of the freshman humanities courses- Writing the Essay, Cultures and Contexts, and Texts and Ideas. Unfortunately it seems that I can only choose one of the above. Would it be possible for me to take all three of them without stretching myself too thin?</p>

<p>Do you mean that you want to take them all in one semester?</p>

<p>@ dreamormoney: Each of those courses involve heavy amounts of reading and require several papers. While it's not impossible to take them simultaneously you might want to choose two and fill out your schedule with less reading/writing intensive classes. Some Texts and Ideas and WTE classes are designed to be taken together, so that might be a good combo.</p>

<p>Why torture yourself? Those courses will still be there in the spring, probably the exact same professors and course times. Just spread them out. It will save your sanity, ESPECIALLY during midterm/finals week.</p>