Would it be "too much" to take both Math 53 & 54 in the same term?

<p>I am going to be an exchange student at Berkeley this academic year. I'm a finance major at my home university and the only math classes I've taken are Fundamental Mathematics (which is HS math+some calculus), Calculus I (Differentiation, Integration Techniques, a bit of Multivariable/Partial Differentiation kinda stuffs) and Stats I. I've taken AP Calculus in high school as well. Do you think that I will be able to manage with 53 and 54? If both in one term is too much, what do you think about just one of them at a time? Or should I go for 1B first, then one of them in Spring. Or to take 1B and 54 in fall?</p>

<p>Thing is my home university makes it difficult to enroll in courses in other faculties, and it would be a great opportunity to take these math classes at Cal. The reason I wanna take them during Fall is because there isn't much else I am interested in this semester, so I would wanna get these in fall to free up space for Spring.</p>

<p>Math 1B covers some differential equations so it'd be a good call to take it before 54, but Math 1B is the devil here. I would just take Math 53 and then Math 54 in the Spring which would give you time to at least learn some 54 material on your own.</p>