Would it look bad to apply to Barnard AND Columbia?

<p>I'm currently a junior in high school, and very interested in both schools... Obviously, Columbia is more selective, prestigious, etc., but I do like the idea of an all women's education (I go to an all girls high school), a small liberal arts college, etc. On the other hand, aside from the prestige, Columbia definitely sounds like a good fit for me as well... I'm interested in a campus that's very urban with a global conscious.
My college counselor told me that if I applied to both, I might look like I really only wanted to attend Columbia, and applied to Barnard thinking of it as a sort a "back door" to the Ivy League. (I assume that this means that the admissions office knows if you apply to both?)
Any insight would be appreciated.... Thanks! :)</p>

<p>I think you'll be okay if you convince the adcom that you really would be very happy attending Barnard for Barnard, you'll be fine. However, it sounds like you prefer Columbia (otherwise why wouldn't you just apply to Barnard?) If that is expressed in the application that will hurt you.</p>

<p>But I have known women who applied to both and were accepted to Barnard.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input... I actually don't really prefer one over the other at this point...
Like I mentioned, I do like the idea of an all-women's education, small liberal arts college, etc. that Barnard has.
However, I also like Columbia's sense of political activism, foundation on the Great Books, etc.</p>

<p>I'll be visiting both this summer, and hopefully get a better idea of what each school is about. I think that both have advantages and disadvantages, but I need to learn more about them before I decide whether I have a definite preference.</p>

<p>Barnard has an equally strong tradition of student activism. Newsweek included Barnard women's protest of antiquated dorm rules a a top ten moment in the history of college housing.</p>

<p>The women protested the fact that the Columbia men could have women in th edorm and women couldn't have men in their rooms. I think their efforts changed the system. They were right up there with Columbia men as political activists.</p>

<p>in your OP, you said that you are
interested in a campus that's very urban with a global conscious.


<p>As a Barnard student your campus will be the Columbia University campus as well as Barnard's smaller one just across the street. Also, I cannot imagine a more globally conscious place to be than Barnard/Columbia. During my daughter's years there, she was witness to such events as hearing Iran's president on the quad at Columbia as his speech was broadcast on the jumbotron to all the student body...and then she was very proud as Columbia's president Bolinger responded in no uncertain terms to that (IMO) despicable man; also she was in a huge group of her fellow students (again in the quad watching the jumbotron) as Barack Obama and John McCain spoke inside Rune Arledge auditorium; then we were all thrilled and proud when Hillary Rodham Clinton was the featured speaker at our daughter's graduation. Just a few examples of what an exciting place the Columbia University and Barnard environment can be. </p>

<p>It seems to me that you need to decide based upon how important Columbia's Core curriculum is to you. You mentioned Columbia's "foundation on the great books...". Though Barnard does not require all its students to read all the same books at the same time, I think you will find Barnard's tradition as a place that nurtures great writers to be truly inspirational. To me that is one of the very big differences in Barnard and Columbia College: the very strict "Core" vs the more flexible "Nine Ways of Knowing" at Barnard. </p>

<p>Best to you in your decision. Make the most of your visit!!</p>

<p>I think it's totally fine. You have plenty of reason to like both of them for different reasons and for wanting to be part of each in their unique ways.</p>

<p>Both of my daughters applied to both schools. Each committee will look at you to see if you fit their institution.</p>

<p>Of course apply to both....I am. oops I am a mom. My daughter is. Sometimes I think I am going to college. LOL</p>

<p>I applied to both last year (okay, that's really weird for me to be saying already! It feels like it was yesterday). Columbia flat-out rejected me, but Barnard accepted me RD. Even though they're affiliated schools, they're still separate institutions. Obviously, I say go for it. =)</p>

<p>Thanks to everyone for your input!
and congrats, bananaballerina! :)</p>