Would making a prep club be a good idea.?

Prep club is the club I’m going to make about prepping for natural disasters,war,apocalypse, that sorta thing.In this club Morse code will be taught(I’ll be learning to!) ,Escape route plan formulation,advice on prepping,tutorials on survival essentials,updates on status of world to tell if potential for disaster will happen.Also exchange of contact info so if the time comes will be able to warn each other and team up.I’m in the process of creating the club,many of my peers are interested,but I was wondering if it would be a good idea if the club came to be, include in my app.My club idea is unique for sure but I was wondering if the idea of my club in general won’t resonate with the school’s i’ll be applying to.

Create a club that reflects your passions, not one that will “resonate” with admissions officers … They are looking for authentic enthusiasm… not resume padding.

Boarding schools want applicants who are pursuing their passions in meaningful ways. Interpret that as you’d like.

I don’t mean to be short, but your continued pattern of questions comes across, to me at least, as the “grasping at straws” approach to BS admissions. There is no magic formula to an acceptance, sorry to say. Pursue your passions, get good grades, score high on the SSAT, nail the interview and essays, and let the chips fall where they may.

Even if boarding schools weren’t fine with the club,I would still do it.I was just wondering if the idea of the club was in general a good idea and if i should put it on my app

If you want to make the club simply for yourself/friends, then go ahead. If you’re trying to do something unique for bs apps, then don’t. They see right through that.

With the name “prep club” I thought you were referring to something else altogether. Just my two cents, but I think the name should include one or more of the following: emergency/disaster/survival, to more accurately reflect the focus of the group. It does sound interesting to me, but as others have noted above, only pursue this if you are really committed to the concept.

If you do this, I would make it more professional by working with the Red Cross. You could also have the kids learn CPR/FIrst Aid, as well as have the Red Cross present on disasters and do some volunteering.

@sunnyschool that’s actually a really good idea! I think that’s super clever.

@sunnyschool How would I organize that? I’ts a good idea though I don’t know much about how i’m going to do that red Cross thing.Clubs are only during lunch so I don’t think that’s enough time for a presentation supposedly.

@CottenCandyTrill You may want to contact your local Red Cross. Many chapters have programs where teens can get involved. Kids in my town have organized blood drives, collected donations for people in need, been trained in First Aid & CPR, etc. I know this isn’t exactly your prep idea but here is some Red Cross info on how to start a club:


@CottenCandyTrill - Many high schools have this type of club. It’s not that difficult. Depends on location of the prep school as to whether there is a Red Cross. But IMO, if students will volunteer with Red Cross, they will likely be willing to partner with the club. See link provided in post above.

UPDATE:I’m not going to make a prep club anymore,Im still going to be creating club just not about that.I may make it into a fun Friday class if the school allows it.A fun Friday class is a class students attend every Friday on something their interested in for 45 minutes.Classes range in different interests like maybe gardening or anime.This happens when typically study hall would happen if our school had it on friday’s.