Would my grades help or hinder?

<p>Hey everyone!
I am a rising junior. So far, I have 5 B's - 4 of them in P.E. and one in Chemistry Honors. I am taking 3 APs in my junior year (APUSH, APLAC and APCS) and am taking about four or five senior year.
I am pretty strong in extracurriculars and I recently won top ten in a national competition for implementing an entreprenuership education program.
How will these factors affect my chance for top colleges (i.e. MIT, Stanford, HYP, Duke, University of Chicago)?
Thanks so much!</p>

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<p>well for stanford princeton, they ignore your freshman year, so for them, you only have 3 b's.</p>

<p>But I don't really understand this question. It seems as if you are asking if A's are better or B's are better.</p>

<p>A's are better. But since your B's are in P.E, they may overlook it. Just do good next year, get straight a's, and that's a great EC btw, Im jealous.
Good luck.</p>