Would Pomona be a match for me?

I slacked around my first sophomore, however I managed to get my GPA up to a 3.35 (CSU/UC). I want to major in Computer Science at this school because it’s more hands on rather than theoretical. I know my GPA is below average but I’m confident that I can get a 1400+ on the SAT this fall. Realistically, should I expect any chances at being accepted when I apply this fall.

Cal poly Pomona is not accepting test scores for this admission cycle so your CSU GPA will impact your chances. With an average CSU GPA of 3.83 for 2019 admits in general and CS being highly competitive, CPP will be a Reach school. If you are local in-service area applicant however, you might have a chance at less competitive alternate major.

Here are the CSU averages for GPA and test scores for the 2019 admission cycle. Many other CSU’s will be a Match.


Cal Poly is a major reach for you. Your GPA is super low, especially for CS. CS is one of the most competitive majors at every school, especially Cal Poly.

I emailed the admission center for Pomona about that and they responded saying that a good SAT score would still benefit a student. I’m not really sure, I think the SAT was only dropped for eligibility and not admissions hence why the minimum GPA requirement was also dropped to a 2.5.

@izrk02: Wrong Cal Poly, OP is asking about Cal Poly Pomona. Still a Reach for CS with a 3.35 GPA but not a major Reach.

@Gumbymom My bad, I didn’t see the Pomona.

Is this for SLO or Pomona? I know SLO is really competitive but I thought Pomona was easier.

@Lazarlus I pulled those stats from the wrong site. However, Pomona would still be a reach for CS with a 3.35.

@izrk02 Yeah I figured, I think my only chance is if they take on a holistic review due to the pandemic. I’ve had a a 3.8-4.0 for the past 3 semester, it’s just 1 really bad semester at the start due to some problems I had

@Lazarlus: They will take into account an upward grade trend, HS course rigor, # of a-g courses beyond the minimum and probably heavily weigh your Math course grades but until the CSU’s list what their supplemental criteria will be for this application cycle, I would look for schools that have GPA averages closer to your current GPA.

I copied this from the CSU website directly:

Campuses and programs designated as impacted may utilize higher “a-g" GPA thresholds for applicants, as well as identify supplemental criteria and their relative weights, in making admission decisions. However, in no case will standardized test scores be utilized in making admissions decisions for applicants during the 2021-2022 academic year.

@Lazarlus: Actually the minimum eligible GPA for the Cal States was 2.0 but you needed a higher ACT/SAT to compensate to meet the minimum Eligibility index. The CSU’s actually raised the GPA for the majority of applicants to the 2.5 for general eligibility.

For 2020 admissions, GPA Below 2.0 Does Not Qualify for Admission