Would sending my ACT score now do anything?

<p>I am actually quite happy with my ACT score, but I don't know if I should send it now or when I submit my application. Does it really matter?</p>

<p>My son sent all of his standardized test scores well before he submitted his final application for regular admission. He visited in November of his senior year and had an on campus interview. The admissions office had those scores but not his final application. of note, he submitted his application about 4 hours before the deadline!</p>

<p>I doubt it will do anything. I got rejected by both the schools I sent my SAT scores to before application season started. While all the schools I did get accepted to (Rice being one of them), received my test scores late due to some confusion.</p>

<p>It will have no impact on your admission decision. It will, however, be one fewer item that you need to check off your checklist in December. If you know you will be applying, you might as well submit your scores so you don't have to worry about it later.</p>