Would someone mind chancing me?

Hey! I’m a prospective Hillsdale student, and worried sick about my chances of acceptance to Hillsdale. It’s most definitely my dream school; I love the conservative atmosphere and intellectual tradition. I would be a major in polysci and go on to law.

I submitted my application about a week ago:
Test scores: CLT, 37/37/26 for a total of 100, equivalent to a 1460 SAT
GPA: 3.95 unweighted
EC’s: Probably average or slightly below average. Model US/Model UN, member of a respectable Honor Society, 20-30 hour a week medium skill job (checker at a grocery store), plus political pro-life volunteering.
Essays: Average or slightly above average.
Letters: Solidly above average, but not exceptional.
Coursework: Only three years, as I am graduating high school a year early. 3 years worth of math up to Al.2, 4 years worth of English, 4 years worth of science (doubling up on Physics and Chem this year), 3 years religion, 3 years history, other miscellaneous classes culminating in around 21.5 credits at time of application.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
~A very stressed Stella


My daughter just got rejected. unweighted gpa 3.75, ACT 32, EC–above average (20 hours a week), NHS, Volunteering at dance studio all three years for 2 hours a week, essays…above average, letters, exceptional. She applied Dec 1. Pretty disappointed.
Coursework similar to yours…Math 3 years plus a college class at time of application, History, Science, 3 years each and all honors or AP. Religion, and electives. Near top of class at a catholic school but she withdrew her senior year to pursue more college classes and due to the state of the world.

I’m sorry to hear that! It sounds like your daughter is accomplished, driven, and will do well whichever colleges she lands at. Would you mind sharing some of the others you’ve been considering? It might aid me in prepping a list of colleges to apply to if I don’t get into Hillsdale.

Accepted with 15k merit!


Congrats, Stella! Looking forward to meeting you on campus in August!