Would starting a JSA Chapter count as EC?

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>I was wondering if starting a Junior Statesman of America Chapter at my school would count as an extra curricular or not?</p>

<p>Thank You</p>

<p>Of course it would "count". Whether or not it would greatly impress colleges is another matter, but hopefully that isn't your sole motivation for starting it.</p>

<p>Sure it would count. Will it cause you to get admitted to some college: Unlikely. Very few colleges factor ECs into admission, and those that do are places like HPY that attract an overabundance of high stat applicants. The ECs that tip students into such schools tend to be extraordinary. Just starting a club probably won't make you stand out in such admission pools, though starting a club could be very fulfilling and teach you lots about leadership and organizing things.</p>

<p>@Scrivner... its not my motivation at all.... I am wanting to inspire more students to be more aware about current vents and other stuff and at the same time have fun doing so!</p>

<p>@northstarmom: thank your for your input.... Academically I am fine... i am not using EC's as a last resort thing..... i appreciate the feedback.... like i said to scriver i want to make the current events thing more aware to students to understand</p>