Would taking this class P/NP affect my chances of getting into law school?

Hi all! I’m a 4th year double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in Political Science. I decided to take a class on the history of jazz because I love jazz and I’ve finished both my majors and am just working on finishing my minor now. But I’m debating taking this class pass/no pass. Here are the factors I’m taking into consideration:

-We had our midterm today and I know I didn’t do well on it (professor didn’t give us enough time and spent a good portion of our synchronous timed exam talking so we had like 10 minutes to answer 10 questions + write a short essay)
-Our professor “doesn’t believe” in B’s and D’s; we can only get A’s, C’s, and F’s
-If I don’t get an A, I will get a C, which will definitely hurt my chances of getting into law school
-I don’t need this class for anything, I’m just taking it for fun as I love jazz (and no I don’t want to drop it)
-I already have 2 P/NP classes that I’ve taken in the past; one was because it was hard and it was the beginning of the pandemic and my professor was not tech savvy at all (which really hurt our ability to succeed in the class) and the other was a class where P/NP was the only option and we couldn’t take it for a grade

  • I’m not sure whether law schools will be able to see if P/NP was the only option so I don’t want them to think I took it P/NP out of laziness or something and this class was also taken during the pandemic.

Given these factors, do you think it would be a better idea to take it for a grade or P/NP?

Thank you!

I’d talk to your college advisor or someone in the student career center. Usually there are folks at the undergrad who can help kids prep for law school and they may have insight…

My best guess:

It might be a factor for one applying to Yale Law School and, possibly, to Stanford & Harvard or Chicago. It could affect your chances for the most elite scholarships to Chicago & Columbia. Otherwise, it should not be a significant concern.

C’s are terrible for cum GPA. Only you know your chances of an A. If concerned, take P/F.

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