Would the board be able to waive the math portion for the MCAT?

Good evening, everyone

If a student has taken multiple math courses. Such as general education math, statistics, college algebra, plane trigonometry, pre-calc, calc 1,2,3, differential equations, and linear algebra. All these courses can transfer to a BS degree I will only have fewer courses to take in the future.

Would the MCAT board be able to waive all the math portions? For me, I do not like math, not my favorite subject. I don’t want to go back to remembering algebra arithmetic it’s very time-consuming and tiring.

I’m mostly into astronomy and oceanology. Most of my chemistry I learned is from astronomy since outer space has the same periodic elements on earth. Same for biology that’s my favorite topic too :slight_smile:

No. Students wishing to apply to medical school are required to take the full MCAT. There are no waivers for portions of the MCAT.

I’m mostly into astronomy and oceanology>>

If this is what you are into…perhaps medical school shouldn’t be your choice.


As @thumper1 said you can’t get a waiver for any part of the MCAT. The MCAT is just the first of seemingly endless tests on your way to becoming a Dr., and they continue after you are one. You say you don’t want to have to rehash old math concepts, but all the tests you would take are based on cumulative knowledge. It’s not just learn something and then push it to the side.


AMCAS is not going to waiver anyone for a portion of the MCAT.

Besides the math on the MCAT isn’t like math on the SAT. Math doesn’t have its own discrete section of nothing but math problems. Math is integrated into all portions of the MCAT. There aren’t plain, straight forward math problems to solve. Test takers need to apply the mathematics they know to arrive at solutions for complex problems in a variety of subjects like sociology, physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, etc.

Two of my daughters have math bachelor degrees which mean they have taken all the courses you’ve mentioned plus even more higher level math —and no one offered to let them “skip” portions of the MCAT.


This attitude, alone, is not likely going to help you get accepted into med school. There’s a lot within medicine - even beyond med school - that is time consuming and tiresome.