Would the Ivy League Favor Some Schools Over Others Without the SAT

I’ve thought about this a few times, but I just wanted to hear peoples’ opinions. Because of the coronavirus, colleges have decided to remove the requirement of the SAT and focus on other factors of college applications. With this in mind, I just wanted to see if the Ivy League would favor students applying from high schools that tend to have a higher average SAT score in past years. Because if we think about it, if a student comes from a very prestigious boarding school that every year sends multiple of its students to the Ivy League, it seems more likely that the student is better prepared than, say, some random kid applying from a public school.

No. There’s plenty of info on a college application outside of an SAT score that provide better information about a specific candidate than a high school average from the past.

with test optional, their job has not turned into assuming what someone’s performance will be. if you send a score they judge that, if not no conclusions are drawn. also most kids applying to these top schools are going to already be very rich and have that preparation you mention. Why would they favor someone for factors they cannot control ? its all about how much you did with what you have. A millionaire’s kid in boarding school that started a non-profit that helped many may very well be weighed the same as a low income student in public school starting a school club. its all about context.