would these topics look good to top 20 universities?

  • If i joined an activism group, would it still be on the same level of impressiveness if I were to start an activism group.
  • Also, I am also thinking of starting a small, non profit charity club in which we fundraise, etc, and donate the proceeds to bigger organizations that benefits doc/undoc. day laborers, victims of domestic violence, and even victims of respiratory diseases ( I chose those ideas because of life experiences)

Quality, not quantity, is important.

Many applicants start or join clubs or organizations a year before applying to colleges. If deemed a superficial attempt to impress admissions officers, then it can backfire on you. If a sincere, experience driven effort to help others, I doubt that you would be posting here seeking advice.

Many students way overestimate the benefits of being a founder.

Unless you start something impressive, starting something isn’t that impressive.

Joining an existing adult advocacy group tops founding something. And for your local community. You’re a rookie, learn from them.

Fundraising sounds good to a lot of kids, but is no tip. Rolling up your sleeves and commiting to actually work with the needy is solid. Needy means more than they need tutoring or recreation.

Very few kids, anywhere, ever, start a remarkable activism group.