Would this be considered plagiarism?

hiii. If I have a similar topic as someone else’s personal statement and their essay basically inspired mine, would that be considered plagiarizing ??

I PM’ed you to offer help with your essay. The answer here is “it depends.”

My question is…how do you know someone else’s essay topic and content, and their personal statement.

These are things that should really not be shared with your friends.

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I would not copy the topic/theme of a friend’s essay if that is what you are asking.

If you have to ask “is this plagiarism”, the answer is “don’t do this”.


I actually was thinking remember seeing a similar topic online. but from what i could tell we would be going in different directions bc i was planning to share some of my personal stories and my own growth.

I think you need to forget about this topic, and forget about what you read. Write about yourself…not an iteration of what someone else wrote.