Would this have any effect on my application?

<p>I'm applying for colleges next year and I'm currently volunteering at the UCLA hospital and will have 100+ hours by the end of the summer. Am I at any advantage for this? I was just wondering this last week and I thought I'd ask you guys. Thanks :D .</p>

<p>It will look good on your application in general because you have been doing things outside of school but I doubt that you will get any extra bonus from UCLA just because that's where you happened to do it at.</p>

<p>Yes, a positive effect. It shows that you are dedicated and involved outside of school. I also volunteered at my local hospital with about 300 hours and I got accepted into ucla.</p>

<p>^ I know it will look good, but I'm mainly just asking whether they will think higher of it because it was at their hospital. Oh well, I thought maybe :p .</p>