Would you be less likely to Date/Hook up with someone who's Bisexual?

<p>This is in regards to a heterosexual relationship, I'm just wondering if it's something that would make it harder to find a relationship. Also, for this hypothetical, they wouldn't be some stereotype, they'd act the same as a straight person, just who like the same sex in addition.</p>

<p>It's an iffy subject. I'm straight and my boyfriend told me he doesn't care if I kiss girls. But when someone is bisexual, it becomes a whole new ball game. I don't know if I could date someone who was bisexual, it might make me uncomfortable to think that they like the same things I do in a guy as my boyfriend. Hooking up with someone who is bisexual though, i would. But dating them is a bit more uncomfortable, personally.</p>

<p>No? I'm bisexual and in a heterosexual relationship. Luckily, none of my partners have ever cared about my sexuality. I've definitely never found it hard to find a relationship (I've been single for maybe a total of 5 days since I was 15). Also, what does it mean to "act like a straight person"? I didn't realize bisexual people acted differently. </p>

<p>Also, I don't kiss anyone other than my significant other when I'm in a relationship. Even if I were straight, I wouldn't. It just doesn't feel right to me.</p>

Also, what does it mean to "act like a straight person"? I didn't realize bisexual people acted differently.

I just said that in foresight of someone making some remark about how they would "as long as they didn't act girly" or some comment like that.</p>

<p>I don't want to sound like a bigot, but I don't think I'd be all that comfortable with it...</p>

<p>That being said, I think that there is definitely a social disparity/bias. For a girl to be bisexual and also in a heterosexual relationship, I feel like many people might accept that and many guys might even find it "hot". When it comes to a man, however, I'm not sure any girl would be comfortable in that situation. Perhaps I'm wrong though!</p>

<p>If I were to answer honestly and not worry about political correctness, it would personally bother me. I would wonder if I could ever completely satisfy them sexually--or whether any woman could, for that matter. I would not feel secure enough to want to pursue a committed, monogamus relationship. I would be concerned that there would be something missing from their expereince with woman that drew them to men to begin with.</p>

<p>@It- My ex fiance (male) was bisexual. As a woman, I felt comfortable. Maybe it's because I'm bisexual, I don't know. However, he's dated women since then and none of them have had a problem with his sexuality (they're straight). </p>

<p>I hate the "it's hot" stereotype for bisexual girls. That's a whole nother issue though haha.</p>

<p>I would, but I would expect them to behave the same way as a heterosexual boyfriend- I know some people consider it "not cheating" if it's with the same sex, but I do. I require monogamous relationships- I'm not into the "open" thing. If that's what they want, then look elsewhere. </p>

<p>But no, I really don't have a problem with bi guys.</p>

<p>I'm a high schooler but I used to talk to this freshmen college guy and I wasn't really sure if he was straight I was just wondering since he was into art.And usually the cute ones are gay but I think he was bi.I didn't ask him but his FB said he was interested in men&women.I didn't really lose interest but then I was like what if he likes guys more.I stopped contacting him but I say id date a bi guy but then again I would be weirded out if I saw him with another guy esp if the other guy is attractive.</p>

<p>Are most guys in college bi?</p>

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Are most guys in college bi?


<p>No. </p>

<p>Most guys that like art aren't gay/bi either. </p>

<p>Just to clear up a misconception about bisexuality- yes, most people prefer one sex or the other. However, most are monogamous and just because they prefer one doesn't mean that you can't satisfy them if you're the other. I am much more interested in women than men but I have an absolutely wonderful relationship with my boyfriend. Just throwing it out there since I've heard that numerous times :). (Some bi people might disagree with this, but this is my experience and the sentiment that I've encountered the most often amongst bisexual people).</p>

<p>^^o do you think its weird to be attracted to metrosexual guys or emo guys or guys with long hair? I know I don't like girls that way but the types of the guys I'm attracted to now are not the same I used to</p>

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<p>I dated a guy who admitted to being bisexual a few weeks after we started seeing each other. I didn't mind much at first, but it did make me uncomfortable when he would call other guys "adorable" - all of the time. Funny thing is, he never said that about girls. I wasn't sure if he was more into guys than girls, or if he just didn't want to make me uncomfortable by making remarks about other girls. But it still made me feel insecure and question whether he really wanted to be with me, or would rather be with a guy since he seemed more attracted to them. It's hard to explain in a post, but the things he said aren't really things I've heard heterosexual guys I've dated say about girls (at least not in front of me). </p>

<p>Of course not all bisexual guys are like this, and I can't say that I wouldn't date another guy who is bisexual. It would have been different had he made me feel good about myself, but if the guy is always talking about how cute someone else is early in the relationship, it's probably not a good sign regardless of his sexuality.</p>

<p>I'm bisexual. Lesbians really don't like it, and guys usually find it kind of hot but I think it makes some of them uncomfortable. While I'm proud to be who I am, being bi can be really annoying at times, lol. And a lot of people are kind of biased against bi people...they think we don't want monogamous relationships, we just want to have a lot of sex, or that we need/want both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. While this is true for some people, it's not for me and for lots of other bi people, so that kind of sucks sometimes.</p>