Would you like to chance me? Here is my resume.

<p>hey guys i am applying to ED dartmouth and am pretty excited to do so.</p>

<p>i am an asian male from northern california</p>

<p>-2130, retook on saturday for 2200+
-780 us history
-750 math2c
-varsity tennis 4 yrs
(mvp, captain, team champion for local league)
-internship/job with company that produces bodyparts for cars
-family of four with less than $35,000 per year
-no volunteering done
-my guidance counselor is going to write me an awesome recommendation for sure</p>

<p>any comments or thoughts? please feel free to voice your opinions.</p>

<p>Asian from California works against you.
SAT's are on the low side.
Tennis seems impressive, but local league? Any national or at least state ranking?
Internship looks strong.
1st gen + economic background will definitely help you.
No volunteering is pretty questionable.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say you're a strong candidate, but you're definitely in the running, from the limited information provided.</p>

<p>sounds good. i got uc's as backups anyways so i am happy</p>