Would you rather... Rose Hulman vs School of Mines

If you could go to Mines for around $29k (tuition/room/board), would you rather go there over Rose Hulman at $59k? Either is financially doable. I guess this is a ROI question. The student wouldn’t know what geographic area he wants to end up.

Without question, Mines! It’s in beautiful, sunny Colorado. It is not in Indiana. Mines is mainly engineering but does have other majors, pretty good sports, a light rail line into downtown Denver with major league sports, theater, clubs, museums. It’s also only 45 minutes to Boulder and all the students at CU have going for them.


I can’t imagine there’s even a choice here. Mines 100% the choice here.

Ditto to this.

And adding…a friend’s son went to Rose Hullman, and hated it. Mind you, he made the best of it, played sports, got his degree, but did not enjoy the school. (This was more about the social, etc. part, not against the academics.)