Would you rather...

<p>Would you rather have straight Bs/B+ on midterm or a student that gets Cs, here a B here, an A there? How important are getting As to you?</p>

<p>I have been in Nursing school for about two months. I have gotten two B+, one A minus and one B minus on my midterm (was one point off each time from an A minus on the B pluses).</p>

<p>Then I have a friend who has gotten two Cs, one B and two As. I get envious about not getting an A but then that begs the question: is it better to be consistently good or solid but rarely get an A or is better to get two Cs and a couple of A's? I know they average out to be the same, but which do you prefer?</p>

<p>I always try to get A's no matter what.</p>

<p>It's better to get A's in the courses that matter (such as your major courses) than to only do well in easier classes. </p>

<p>I always tried for the A in everything, even if the course wasn't relevant to anything I wanted to do.</p>