Would you recommend Chemical Engineering?

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I'm an 18 years old Libyan student, currently doing a business administration program here in Libya & this is my third semester..after spending one year studying business I came to realize that it is not truly my passion..the only one subject I liked most was math..I've been doing a research about engineering (ChemicalE to be specif) & it's the only engineering major that appeals to me..I read a lot about how employable Chemical engineers are & how you can work in many different sectors etc..and I am really considering changing my major..I'm willing to do whatever it takes to graduate with a one important degree..the only thing is that I haven't done any Physics and Chemistry for the past few years because education system is different here etc..but back in elementary school it has always been my favourite scientific subject..I am really really interested..I just want to know do you guys think that it would be hard for me to catch up since I haven't done any phyiscs & chem for a long time? </p>

<p>Hence; I chose engineering because it's the only major that can secure a job for you here in Libya..I don't have many options unfortunately :s</p>

<p>I would appreciate your thoughts and advices :) </p>