Would you want to read my essay based on this topic?

<p>I have a lot of potential ideas floating around in my head, but this is the one I like the best.</p>

<p>I live in suburban new york, 45 minutes from the city, but every summer I go to visit my grandparents in rural pennsylvania. While i'm there, I have to help with my family's tobacco harvest, because they own a farm. I'm going to write about weighing my own personal morals (smoking is bad) against the fact that the tobacco crop is a main source of income for the family and helps them get by.</p>


<p>I really am not sure if it a good topic (I'm new to the whole college essay scene) but I sure know its not cliched.</p>

<p>i think its a good topic. Linger did you get my essay in the PM. i just wanna make sure cuz it seems like half my PM's never send correctly</p>

<p>I'm also afraid that I might come off sounding like a super uptight person, which is not something that I want. Do you think that my topic might lend itself to that?</p>

<p>How would that make you sound uptight?
Just be careful of awkward phrases/repetition and it should be really interesting!</p>

<p>Sorry for the thread hijack, but here goes:</p>

<p>Would an essay about a dream I had be too cliche? I think I could really show who I am that way, but I am worried they have seen too many essays like that.</p>