Wow, Adam Robinson Is Great (RocketReview)

<p>I recently posted a thread about my essay that I took from Rocket Review's program, called RocketScore.</p>

<p>For the other thread:
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<p>Anyways, it score me a 12, so I wasn't really sure about that. There was an option on the website to ask for a human grading, and I was surprised to see an email from Adam Robinson (the author) in my inbox this morning, considering I wrote the essay late last night.</p>

<p>Here is what he wrote to me:</p>

Dear Salman,</p>

<p>First, you're a sophomore, so you needn't concern yourself with the essay for quite some time (there's no essay on the PSAT). Please see page xxii for what 10th graders should be focusing on (vocabulary on the side, but otherwise any AP or SAT II Subject Tests you're taking, and the subject tests should ONLY be taken if you're REALLY REALLY REALLY good in that subject because you'll be competing with juniors and seniors).</p>

<p>Okay, you're essay had flaws, but the graders realize that on the SAT (25 minutes of SPRINT writing), students essays will be flawed. So they take some imperfections into account even when awarding perfect scores.</p>

<p>Your essay would be more organized & coherent if you spent the first few minutes outlining the points you want to make. Remember that the graders will focus on your introductory and concluding paragraphs the most, so you want to be sure those are rock solid.</p>

<p>In general, it's best to stick with ACADEMIC examples and AVOID PERSONAL OR EVERYDAY OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIENCES.</p>

<p>Also, your vocabulary could have been a bit more sophisticated, but hey, you're a sophomore. And your ideas were great.</p>

<p>But all that said, your essay was quite good, and easily merited a score in the 10-11-12 range. Remember also to look at RocketScore's comments for more focused suggestions.</p>

Adam Robinson

<p>I am pretty sure he wrote it, maybe he has his common advices in copy and paste, but I think that is fine with me.</p>

<p>Great product support if you ask me, good way to back up your own book by showing genuine care for the readers of your book.</p>

<p>That's pretty impressive, especially considering that RocketReview must have a million customers.</p>

<p>Avoid personal experiences? That's a bit misleading. I know someonw who got a 6 (out of 6) on the essay fro righting about his/her problem with perfectionism</p>

<p>"Okay, you're essay had flaws"</p>

<p>this guy runs a company that teaches sat courses?</p>

<p>Keep in mind that it might not have been him, though the email address I recieved the email from indicated that it was his personal email address.</p>