Wow do clgs lie for rankings?

<p>I just realized this b/c I was answering Pennfan's thread...but UMich in their business week ranking said that class size in 732 (for all 3 or 4 yrs). But I looked on their website and it said that class of 2007 is +/- 370 ppl. So, multiplied by 3 or 4, it's much more than 732, which would make a difference not only for rankings but also for ppl who care about new hires/companies ration. </p>

<p>Someone reason w/ me. Maybe i missed something.</p>

<p>well, some students leave for whatever reason ... the graduating class is always a bit smaller than the incomming class, though I'll agree those numbers do seem a bit off.</p>

<p>ummm...gomestar, I'm pretty sure they are just trying to make it appear that they have a smaller class. Of course I know that graduating class is smaller but not by almost 50%.</p>

<p>I believe that until last year only Juniors and seniors were in the business school at Michigan. That explains the 732. Now its open to all years.</p>

<p>Of course colleges tweak statistics for US NEws. What did you think? This is has become a business.</p>

<p>Though many colleges do this, the example u give is U Mich. Why did u put thiss in the Cornell forum</p>