Wow, I get the first post!

<p>I guess I'm going to be posting the very first post as a member of the class of 2010. I am out-of-my-mind amazed to have been accepted and can't wait to meet a ton of awesome people next year. Anyone from WA state or the West Coast? Not that I don't love everyone else, I'm just curious :P.</p>

oh man, were officially "tens" now! this is awesome! im from the east coast...i cant wait for next year!</p>

<p>Neither can I! I almost wish we were entering summer break :P. I can't wait to buy stuff for my dorm, get settled in, meet new people, explore the campus and Hanover even more than I got to, etc., etc., etc.!!!</p>

<p>yeaa i know its gonna be awesome....there are going to be so many awesome people there, and hanover is amazing, the mountains are beautiful...ahhh i cant wait! haha</p>

<p>Now all I have left to stress about is my friends' letters...</p>

<p>West coast! What it is!</p>

<p>Thought I'd prep you all for the ghettoness I'll be bring to Dartmouth next year.</p>

<p>I'm from just outside DC....I am counting the days til we get to move up to Hanover, that place is perfect. I am still in shock that I was accepted, but I'm more excited than anything. sn is JCarty88, shoot me an IM if you get a chance.</p>

<p>Did you guys not think you'd get in?</p>

<p>hey guys, if any of you guys have hs facebook my names steph gagnon, we can talk with that too!</p>

<p>Anyone going to the Dartmouth-DC Area Christmas/Holiday Party on Dec. 20th in Bethesda?</p>

<p>hey! I lived in Washington state for 4 years! I live on the east coast now but I love WA.</p>

<p>Yay! WA kicks butt! Although I'm not completely impartial...</p>

<p>More people who never thought they'd get in! I honestly thought I was hallucinating when I read the acceptance letter.</p>

<p>I still wake up in the middle of the night and say "noooo, it was just a dream!" :)</p>

<p>ha yea bets were David and I were going to get wait listed and my brother was gonna get in...we actually ended up with 3 from the same school! crazy...</p>

<p>I have to keep looking at the acceptance certificate to knock it into my head. Although I just know I'm going to get a letter soon telling me they made a mistake!</p>

<p>Hey Im From Washington Xxmademoiselle...where Are You From In Wa?</p>

<p>and yes i got</p>

<p>I'm from about 10 miles north of Bellingham. Have you ever heard of it? Snoqualmie is familiar, I know I've been there at some time!</p>

<p>so are you like in the Linden area then? well anyways ya snoquamie is prettty cool haha..itll be nice to have someone in my class thats from the same area..i guess you and i can enjoy and talk about our 7+ hour flights to Dartmouth..yay im excited :(</p>

<p>Yeah, I live just south of Lynden! That's crazy, no one ever knows where Lynden is :P. I know, the flight to Dartmouth is going to be crazy!</p>