<p>I've only been hearing snippets of what's been going on at O-Week from my son, and I'm really impressed. They've been keeping the kids active from morning to night with activities, dinners at professor's houses, trips to get ice cream, Taco Cabana, lots of advising, and on and on. What a great way to make them feel a part of the community right from the start. I knew the residential college system was a big plus, but I didn't realize how much!</p>

<p>Yes, O-Week is amazing! I have a friend there, and she's been telling me about it (and I've been keeping up with her religiously - sigh, the life of the prospective student). </p>

<p>I think they do this to alleviate some of the homesickness, which is really nice of them.</p>

<p>I remember from my O-week two years ago that we were constantly busy, with lots of activities planned from early in the morning to late at night (a few days until 1-2 AM). I have to admit that some of the activities they put us through were not that enjoyable (long lectures on campus safety, drugs and alcohol policy, etc.), but I was really impressed with how much effort the coordinators were putting into the week.</p>

<p>DD is there and is loving it. She feels right at home even though she is 1400 miles away. Have hardly heard from her at all. One short call, one email with funny stories of what they've been doing and a couple of test messages to answer tactical questions for me (left some things at home). Now, if they feel the same way after classes start ... :)</p>

<p>Same from my son. He said he hasn't slept much, but has been very busy, and met some great people. He doesn't have time to talk to his mum on the phone! ;) (But I did get a very nice email from him...) :)</p>

<p>anxiousmom, are you from Austin?</p>

<p>DS just drove off to catch the plane to go down for his senior year. O-Week seems so long ago, yet the past 3 years has gone much too fast for me.</p>

<p>Glad to hear only good reports coming from everyone's kiddos. O-Week really is an amazing program. There will be things that they have done during this week that will be talked about for their entire college career. </p>

<p>Upperclassmen move in tomorrow...Hope everyone has a terrific year!</p>

<p>Getting great reports here, too, from S in Brown. He says O-Week has been amazing so far though he hasn't gotten a whole lot of sleep! He hasn't sent any e-mail but he has phoned a couple of times. The latest call was last night after H and I had already gone to bed (he forgot about the time difference) -- he was calling with a laundry question! I'm not sure I was too coherent with my answer. At least he's DOING laundry, though :)</p>

<p>My son would second what's been said here. He seems to be having a great time. They went to Galveston yesterday! He did mention that they've had to endure some very boring presentations, but that mostly, it's been fun. I love how they get into those bonding activities. Even though it's a bit of rivalry, it seems all in good fun & not malicious.</p>

<p>Technically we went to Freeport. Also, I haven't heard the term "Brownies" used yet. Mostly just "Brown people".</p>

<p>I am a junior and know a lot of students at Brown and they always use the word Brownies to refer to themselves.</p>

<p>What? How strange. I haven't heard it all week here. Which college are you in again?</p>

<p>Wow, Rice sure sounds fun!</p>

<p>Yes .. my son has been saying that it's been "really fun" and he's been "having a blast," and I frankly can't remember the last time he described anything in that way. (At least not since he's been a teenager!) He especially liked the scavenger hunt.</p>

<p>It really seems like it's such a great way for the freshmen to get acclimated to the school and to really get a chance to meet a lot of people right from the start -- including upperclassmen. Great job, Rice and O-Week coordinators and advisors!</p>

<p>Hanszen went to Galveston. </p>

<p>Anyway, O-Week rocks my face off. =P</p>

<p>I am in Lovett. But I have a bunch of friends from Brown that I have met by advising at other colleges for o-week (they always seem to have a good representation at all the other colleges. Like I was at Hanszen last year and there were six or seven co advisors from brown and five at Sid this year). I even remember someone else asking one of the Brownies what they refer to themselves as and he replied "brownies."</p>

<p>O-week was amazing this year! Sid had a Lord of the Rings theme and about half of the freshmen and half of the advisors painted themselves in black body paint and did an Orc Raid throughout the campus.</p>

<p>My son is a senior at Rice and loved his first O-week so much that he has been an advisor for the last three! They are definitely tired at the end of the week, but its so great to get them plugged in right away.</p>

<p>Brown sucks!!!! HFH!!!! Hanszen rules. (only kidding- this is the way they do things at Rice)</p>

<p>I'd like to point out that one of the black-painted Sidizens ran in to me at the dance party and ruined my shirt. I think Sid Rich owes me the money to buy a new one.</p>

<p>Sid Rich threw buckets of water in their own elevators.</p>