<p>amazing i just joined this college forum and i been looking at all the people in here and they have so many ap classes and community service hours and EC's ... it seems like im not doing enough . i have just one ap class, (ap chem) , 4 clubs i joined this year no clubs soph year and one sport is that too little ? </p>

<p>thinking about college is stressing me out sigh.</p>

<p>Dont worry I go to a top 3 school in Georgia(I know its GA, but still) and most of the kids at my school are in a lot worse shape then you are. People on this forum are insane, kind of like my two friends who are top 5 in class rank at my school.</p>

<p>Too little? It sounds fine. Are you having fun? I hope your ECs are things you look forward too. As long as you take of what's advantage at your school and do things you love, you should be in good shape for college.</p>

<p>thanks for your comments! haha well i dont particularly enjoy the clubs and all but i really love badminton ! :D best sport ever LOL people in there are awesome</p>

<p>Did you watch the badminton players when the Olympics aired? WOW.</p>

<p>we are all nerds (not speaking for myself tho). i play varsity badminton for school. badminton is definately underestimated!!!</p>

<p>hahah yes definitely underestimated! really tiring and harder than it looks :] im not that good but im on the varisty team also, i play girls singles and mixed :D and i missed the olympics for badminton :( i was waiting to watch it and i left the room for like 5 minutes and then it was over wen i got back :X bummer !</p>