WPI Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

They should. The Annuls of Higher Ed did an article on the high number of WPI student suicides this year and there are a fair amount of negative, unsettling student interviews & comments about the culture on campus. Large mental health concerns. Article is public.

My daughter was just accepted and this was one of her top choices. Can you post a link to the article you’re referring to?

I tried typing this in quickly while at practice today. My instructions would not post. Just Google Annals of Higher Ed, Worcester Polytech, suicides. The first article that comes up is the Inside Higher Ed piece. There are over a dozen other articles listed covering the situation. Look at the dates, as some are old when only the first four cases happened. Tragic. The student interviews, statements and insights in to the current culture on campus that they speak to regarding how and why these keep happening is insightful.

Multiple suicides leave WPI reeling.

Thank you for your reply. Appreciate your efforts in posting the article and giving me more info

Ok great, thanks for posting the article. I appreciate it

Just checking in - my daughter committed to WPI yesterday!

If any parents of incoming kids haven’t already found it, there’s a really supportive parents group on Facebook called Parents of WPI Students.

Also, regarding mental health, here’s some info on current efforts to better support the kids which was really helpful for my daughter and me to read: https://www.reddit.com/r/WPI/comments/u7m9up/progress_update_address_root_causes_of_the_mental/


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