WPI Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

WPI applicants for Fall 2022 – here’s your thread to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.

How do your application stats compare to the students accepted last year? Take a look at the chart below and then share your stats, activities and more.

WPI 2021 Admitted Student Statistics
Mean Unweighted GPA 3.8
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 56%
Admissions Test Policy Test scores are not considered so applicants shouldn’t submit them
Waitlist Yes

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Why have there been 4 suicides at WPI in the past 4 months. Concerning.

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Yes, following this thread as I am also concerned and more importantly trying to understand what is WPI doing in response.


How is WPI compared to University of Arizona for graduate programs?

When you log into the portal, does anyone’s portal say in bold " Your application is currently under a second review by the Admissions Committee, and until a decision is available, it will not appear on this page. Please do not be concerned if the section below does not list any applications on file or started. A final decision will be available by the end of March 2022."???

Sadly that number is up to 6 with a suspected 7th death having also been suicide. All in this school year. What is WPI doing and not doing? :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: Major, major red flags. I have an app in there, but…… concerns.

Exactly. The number of student suicides is up to 6, with a suspected 7th death also being a student suicide. What is WPI doing about it?? They highlighted some initiatives in their Insta story, but never properly or respectfully acknowledged this major wave of student suicides. That seems so disrespectful and non-transparent to me. They are hiding them. In contrast, Tufts had a student suicide this week and they are having published counselors, a vigil, extended mental health resources. Tufts has published all their mental health locations and times, most shut down at 5 pm, but there is a chaplaincy number 24/7. I expect a 24/7 hotline announced presently.
They all need to take the lead from Dartmouth’s four remote learning model suicides last year and create a 24/7 hotline that does not go to voicemail if lines are full. Runs fully operational all day, every day. Dartmouth too was honest and upfront. WPI appears dishonest and shifty, when we all already know. We are watching you drop that ball- and we are supposed to put our faith in you that you will support us?

I came to see if an admissions decision date has been published yet? I have not received any email regarding RD applications.

The website says April 1st, but idk if they might release a little earlier. I do think they release all at once as opposed to rolling. This link shows where it says April 1st. Apply to WPI | Top Tier University | Submit a WPI Application

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Thank you! :goat:

In case anyone missed this.

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My son got wait listed to WPI. I guess college had large pool of candidates…my son had :GPA- 3.9 UW, 4.2- weighted
ACT - 32
AP classes 5

I am just curious students who got accepted, what are their numbers?
Does anyone receive good financial package?

I was accepted with $177,560 of Merit Aid and Scholarships over four years. GPA 4.862, (3.98 w), Class rank #2 of 400, 9 APs, our school offers about 14 AP’s but some offered not every year like Calc BC and Music Theory.We cannot take any APs frosh year and can only take AP US History soph year. So most AP’s come from jr & sr year. Transcript shows highest rigor of classes; almost all A+, never a B. SATs 1480, Strong ECs with leadership elected roles Sr year, NHS officer, Stu Co officer, community involvement and civic engagement. Music Dept- select vocal ensemble group (male tenor2), drama, & musical theater lead. 16 academic and music awards gr 9-11, grade 12 to come. Very strong Recomm Letters and GC Recomm Letter. Live in MA.

Very impressive numbers and over all!
You probably could have being accepted to IVY with that kind of school report.
Best of luck, i heard WPI is an excellent school.

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I hope to be. Ivy day is March 31, 7 pm. All eight Ivy League schools release their decisions on the same date at the same time. It really is better that way. So yes, I have a few applications in at schools that I liked very much. I am a STEM student, so going with strong programs in that area. I did apply to and love a few LACs (Liberal arts colleges) too as they have what I intend to study.

I hope your son lands at a school he comes to love and thrive at. That’s what we all want.

My son was accepted EA. 3.7 Unweighted 4.2 weighted, 9 AP classes and all other honrs classes. He received the Presidential Scholarship of $20,000 per year. We live locally and will attend accepted student’s day this weekend. We did visit the school prior, so that might have helped as well. Unfortunately even with the 20,000 a year it is still over $50,000 a year and my son will most likely pick another school, still waiting on a few more schools.
Although WPI is test blind my son has an SAT score of 1560 so that helped with some of the other schools.

Your son has great stats! Hopefully he will get off waitlist or be happy where he lands! My son is on 3 waitlists himself.

My son got accepted EA2 computer science with 3.86 UW, 4.22 W. He got 21k/year merit scholarship. We are still waiting for 5 more schools but look like he will end up going to WPI.

Seems like with some of the bad news around the school, they are keeping a bunch of WL options in case the yield is much lower than expected.


That is concerning as well…

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