WPI Class of 2023 Hopeful Thread!

Hi All! Is it too early for this sort of thread?!

Our daughter is highly interested in WPI. She has applied EA1, visited an open house day in late Sept and had an off-site interview in our state (NY). Daughter is white, middle class, Jewish. She appears to be a match for WPI on paper in terms of scores, grades, rigor of classes, extra curricular, volunteering. But who really knows!?!!!

Thought I’d start this thread in case other prospects wish to chat! Good luck, everyone!

My older son is at RPI and my second son will be applying ED to RPI but RD at WPI. Both very similar schools but certainly slightly different vibes in both. Can I ask what is her intended major? From what I understand, WPI is better at Computer Science than RPI, RPI is better at Computer Engineering than WPI. Has she considered other schools?

Hi @reformedman. How exciting for your family! Our daughter is also applying to RPI! She is interested in a Chemical Engineering major. They both seem terrific. Her top few schools at this time are WPI, RPI, Stevens Institute of Tech and U Pitt.

@RabbiBeth - Has your daughter looks at UDEL’s Chemical Eng. program?

@ChillDad , are you referring to U Delaware? If so, YES! She did apply! We haven’t visited it though. We may take a trip down to visit there. Meantime, though, it appears that she’s much more interested in WPI, RPI, Stevens and U Pitt. Here in NY there are many people who attend U Delaware and LOVE IT!

For what it’s worth, I know several females who did not choose RPI because they felt that the male students did not view/treat them as equals. They found the opposite at other engineering schools, including WPI and Clarkson. The boys there were more friendly and supportive, and respected them as peers. It could’ve just been a few bad apples, but it might be something to look into further as you consider RPI.

@taverngirl , this is really helpful - thanks! For sure something to look into. By the way , I see you have a U of Rochester emblem as your avatar! Talk about another amazing school! My husband and I are alumni of U of R, and our older daughter is a sophomore there. Our younger daughter has also applied, though she seems a bit higher on these other schools I mentioned here, including WPI. U of R is incredible, though. We would love if she attended there!

Joining you all! My D really liked WPI on our tour last summer. She’s interested in BME.

@RabbiBeth Our dd is a freshman at URoch this year–so far she is very happy and doing well :slight_smile: We went up for Meliora Weekend and had a great time!

@taverngirl how cool! My husband and younger daughter visited our older daughter over Meliora weekend, too. Such a great school. So happy your daughter enjoys U of R!!!

Hi RabbiBeth,
Did your D visit Stevens?
How did she feel about Stevens?
Women in STEM Education at Stevens is good.
Your D maybe fit there well.
My son chose Stevens over WPI, RPI, RIT, Case W., others.

Good luck!

@Grom125 thank you for asking! We did visit Stevens and really loved it. It’s only about an hour from our home by car, which our daughter initially felt a bit weary about, however we explained that she will still have her own, independent experience - we’re not going to drop in unexpected and intrude! LOL It does seem like a terrific school and as she is female, it’s good to read your impressions that it’s a good place for women in STEM. Sounds like your son had some wonderful choices! Way to go!!! We are hoping to have a few good choices, too. Finances will be a part of our decision, in any case. Did you find that your son had financial offers that were helpful from these wonderful schools you listed?

Exciting stuff!

Stevens will give some kinds of financial aid/scholarship to over 90% of students!! We did not apply Aid, but when they accepted my S, they gave him some scholarship.
We visited all Engineering schools, and we loved Stevens for many reasons so that he applied for ED1, and got it.
If you apply for ED1, you will get more scholarship!

WPI is also very good school!!

Good Luck!!

As a proud alumnus of WPI who knew many of the Chem Engine faculty years ago, I took a look at the current department faculty. Perhaps it is my pride, but I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with you. Look at al the NSF awards, active research and editorial positions and remember that this is a small university. See https://www.wpi.edu/academics/departments/chemical-engineering/faculty-staff. Some key leaders, as well as the WPI President are women (big news for a guy in my age group!)

@retiredfarmer and @Grom125 , thank you for these very helpful comments! I love learning about these schools and how it all works. Hoping our daughter gets into her top few schools and has a nice choice to make! I don’t think we can go wrong!

I’m a WPI alumni. My son is the class of 22. ECE major. He loves it. Approximately 44% of his class are women which was so much different than it was in the early 80s when I was there. The President is a Woman as has been mentioned. We moved my son in to Morgan which back in the day didn’t have women on the same floor. Now girls living next door. It changes the vibe so much. it was surreal walking the campus. I was telling my daughter that I wish I went here now. A term just ended and he was super successful and is so so happy.

@LoisLane100 how cool! Thanks for sharing your reflection. Sounds like WPI is moving in a fantastic direction, for women and in general!

When can we expect EA decisions?

December 20th.

My daughter just applied EA a few hours ago. She has loved WPI ever since taking a STEM summer program there during middle school. We did a tour last year and followed up with an open house earlier this month. Very impressed with the faculty, facilities, and opportunities.