WPI Early Decision/Action for Fall 2023

Our son was not accepted EAI and deferred to RD. We haven’t heard anything…he even sent a letter of continued interest with updated grades. I thought he wouldn’t hear back until RD but it’s sounding like acceptances are rolling in?

We were very surprised since he didn’t expect to hear back until closer to April 1st. They released their EAII decisions on Friday, so I guess they had already taken a look at some people they deferred to RD and decided to offer admission now. My son had sent updated grades, a letter of continued interest and an additional letter of recommendation. He has a friend who was also deferred from EAI to RD, but hasn’t heard yet if he received an acceptance. Good luck to your son!


This was a question I had - my son applied EA1 and was deferred to RD - still nothing. His mid-year grades were sent and I told him to get another letter of recommendation- but other’s told me that unless they ask for it - it may not be applied towards his application. The letter/email he was sent basically said if they need more info - they’ll send him a request.
WPI is the last school we’re waiting on …it’s so frustrating.


The email my son had received at the time of deferral said “During this second review process, we will be taking a careful look at your most recent senior grades, any new coursework and additional recommendations or awards/accolades received since submitting your application. If there is any additional information that you would like to provide to the Admissions Committee, please do so by March 1, 2023. We can assure you that we will give your application every consideration, especially in light of your early interest in WPI.” Based on that he got another recommendation even though he had already sent two with his original application. I can only assume they read it, but don’t know that for sure. The admission rep also responded back to him when he emailed his LOCI letting him know that they received it. I would probably call or email the admissions rep in your area and ask about status since you are aware some people who were deferred to RD from EA1 recently received decisions. It is frustrating waiting - my son just got 3 acceptances in the last week. He applied to 7 schools and is waiting on one more decision, but it’s a reach, so not overly optimistic and isn’t at the top of his list.


Our son was deferred…as if today his status changed to a second review :crossed_fingers:

That is what my son’s applicant portal said when we would log in after his deferral in mid-January. Not sure what spurred his earlier decision. He sent in a LOCI, another letter of recommendation and his mid-year grades. He had also received an email from WPI admissions in late January asking him pick a box on his interest (top choice, moderately interested, somewhat interested, enrolling elsewhere). He chose top choice. Good luck to your son!!!

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Does anyone know the date for regular decisions

Has your son heard anything back regarding his decision? Ours was also deferred to regular decision

Last my son checked it was still under second review…I believe regular decision was April 1st.

They just posted that RDs are now out - good luck to those who were deferred!


So we went from EA1 to RD to now waitlisted…ugh…they didn’t say No but still not a solid YES :frowning:

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