WPI merit for RD applicants

After reading through previous threads, it looks like almost all of the merit scholarship recipients were accepted in the EA round. Can anyone speak to how generous WPI is for RD applicants? Have they already exhausted their scholarship funds?

I think my daughter would have had a good chance for merit if she had applied early, but now that she has missed that window of opportunity, I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to apply at all, since we could only make it work with significant merit.

Thanks for any insight you may have!

I don’t know the answer but since there is no application fee maybe apply and see what happens? You could contact the admissions office as well. Good luck!

We have the same question. Hope someone here can answer it.

My understanding in prior years is that WPI merit offers have been similar in the different application stages, but heavily dependent on gender and academic performance. Up until this year WPI did not have ED, so how that affects their calculus on RD applicants is yet to be seen.

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Yeah, it seems worth it to apply. Thanks!