WPI recognition?

Can anyone share information about WPI recognition nationally? I understand it is very well known in the Northeast, but here almost no one heard of it. This is one of DS top choices and we are concerned that it would be harder for him to find employment afterwards compared to “brand name” engineering schools.

Paging @retiredfarmer !!

On the following link you will see graduate outcomes, including names of representative companies that hired graduates in each major. https://www.wpi.edu/student-experience/career-development/outcomes

This issue came up on a thread from 2013, and one bit of advice is to contact the specific department of interest and ask about student outcomes in that discipline: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/worcester-polytechnic-institute/1483424-wpi-vs-rpi-vs-uconn-honors.html

Finally, here’s an alum story (I get it - it’s only anecdotal) that demonstrates how far a WPI degree could take you - https://www.wpi.edu/news/analytic-avenger

We live in the midwest & D is at WPI. No ‘lay’ people here have heard of it, but industry people do.

We have a distant relative who is a high powered consultant in Chicago making high 6 figures & D was choosing between Purdue & WPI & he said he always chooses to interview/hire WPI grads first. That was powerful - relative is a Purdue grad!

We were looking for the best fit for D & WPI has been amazing so far. Definitely the right choice.

Thanks @promom4 this is very helpful. Purdue is also one of S options, but he likes WPI more.