<p>your views people...</p>

<p>My son is looking at those three school plus a few others. So far he has no clue...</p>

<p>I personally kinda love WPI....I dont have a specific reason but i just do....</p>

<p>I also like WPI. I like the small size. But it is turning out to be about $5K/year more than RPI, so that will definitely hurt it.</p>

<p>weenie: Too bad we couldn't switch. WPI gave my daughter more money than RPI, but she prefers RPI. Never fails, does it? We didn't look at RIT -too far away for us.</p>

<p>i would literally do anything to go to WPI :)</p>

<p>ajayc: What do you like about WPI over the other two?</p>

<p>almost everything...They give out aid to intls too!!! Their teach methodology too!</p>

<p>palermo: Isn't that funny?! Well, either way they both work out to be really expensive. We are really trying to keep this under $25K/year. His financial safety (coming in about $10K/year now) is a low ranked school, but one we really liked regardless (Ohio Univ). RIT comes in at about $23K. So we'll see what he decides...Yikes. Two in college and we still have a high EFC.</p>

<p>weenie : We will also have two in college next year and our EFC is out-of-this world. Four more years and we can start eating, heating our house, all those nice little things.</p>

<p>Do you think WPI students are happier? Somehow I get that feeling--WPI students happiest, then RPI, then RIT students. What do you think?</p>

<p>i feel the same....</p>

<p>Actually the RIT kids I know (being from Rochester) are significantly happier than it appears online. I just get a different vibe off the tech school students in general. Maybe because so many are boys? I don't know.</p>

<p>I have been talking to students at WPI, especially indian all of them love WPI!</p>

<p>That's great to know that people are happy there :)
It's hard to study when you are depressed and/or bored :)</p>

<p>Rensellaer will cost me $31000 per year. Worcester will cost $30800 and RIT will cost me $27500. Seriously. I might just go to SUNY Buff, even though I'd rather die. lol</p>

<p>the students with whom I had a talk told me that there were lot of transefers from RIT to WPI they didnt like it at RIT</p>

<p>Coming from a current WPI freshman, I can tell you I love it here! From my classes, to the activities I'm involved with on campus, to living in the dorms, all of it is great! So if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.</p>

<p>Am I in at wpi? :D</p>

<p>If i get a recommendation letter from a WPI student does that matter?</p>