WPI vs Wesleyan vs Case Western vs Stevens

Looking for advice. I plan to pursue a career in aerospace engineering. I know Wesleyan does not offer engineering majors but I would major in Physics and an IDEAS minor (interdisciplinary engineering-like) or do a 3-2/4-1 program. On visits I liked WPI and Wesleyan the best. Do not know that much about Case Western but heard great things and the wrestling coach is recruiting me. I will wrestle in college, an important consideration for me. Stevens was a late add - just visited and liked it. WPI feels like my first choice, but would like to hear from you. Thanks!

A lot depends on how committed you are to an engineering career at this point in your life. A regular engineering program would require a lot of course work in satisfying pre-requisites your first and second semesters on campus. OTOH, a Wesleyan-style liberal arts program would almost certainly mean an extra year spent pursuing either a masters or a B.S. degree at another university, should you eventually settle on engineering as a career.

The interesting thing about aerospace engineering as a specialty is that it would take approximately the same amount of time - five years - to gain a terminal degree whether you attend Wesleyan, the LAC, or WPI the technical school.

So, go with your gut.