Writen comunications. powerpoint present.or course, free, images. 1 to 10 hrs.

<li>Written comunications /presentations </li>
<li>Writting in Internet (in tablet, ebook, smart phones)</li>
<li>Oral comunication/presentation or speech.</li>

<p>All in powerpoint style, with pics/video, lasting between 1 and ¿10? hrs.</p>

<p>And I will prepare my own style presentation for a Club ( I don´t make a profit) .</p>

<p>All I find is pure copy, and only 2 or 3 pages.
Does any Co. have something ? H.P.? (Xerox had "Slide Presentations skills"; centuries ago)
Some Association has anything? ( I found just for Members)
I dont need the best. But what I dettailed.
Thanks so much,my friend.</p>