writers block

<p>Ok, so I've never posted on the HARVARD board before... feeling kind of intimidated, lol. </p>

<p>Anyways, I'm applying RD, and I'm trying to finish my supplement essay b4 the 15th, but it's not going well. =) I wrote my common app essay about the influential person (my sister), and it's really personal. Now, I was going to write the second essay about how I grew up in 5 different countries, to play up the "diversity" factor, but it hates me. So I thought of a different topic, talking about my aspirations as a geneticist and the things that fascinate me in biology. Which one do you think I should choose? The first one would be in the same style as my common app one, while the second one would be much more technical. First one emphasizing diversity, second one goals. Your thoughts?</p>

<p>If your interest in genetics isn't emphasized already (perhaps through your ECs or that short common app essay), then I would say go with the second one.</p>

<p>no, it's not emphasized; just briefly mentioned... I really haven't done any research as an EC, it's just what I want to study in college.</p>

<p>It's ok...you have a few more days. Plus, the extra essay isn't absolutely required so don't get too worried.</p>

<p>ah, i know, but I want to use every opportunity there is to tell them about myself.</p>

<p>Nelle- you also don't have to get the application in by the 15th. The deadline is January 1st, and all evidence shows they don't care (both my roommates at Harvard got the application in on Jan 1st, for example).</p>

<p>admiral, thank you so much! there is no way i could submit the application before 12.15... i suppose they suggest so only because it helps them opening files for applicants?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, there's no way to convince my father of this. He seems to think that if my app comes after the 15th, it will be put into the "irresponsible pile", lol. Also, I already had my school report/teacher recs sent out last week. Is it ok if Harvard gets them b4 my app? Or will they be just like, "Who IS this random person???"</p>

<p>Nelle- fathers will be like that. Tell him I know a number of people at Harvard that sent in their application on the January 1st deadline, and that while I applied early, I sent in my application after October 15th (the "suggested" early deadline).</p>

<p>Also- it's totally OK if you send in your school report and teacher recs first- they'll create a file for you when they receive them.</p>

<p>thanx, admiral! maybe I can write better essays w/out the pressure.</p>