Writing a short story for my common app personal statement?

<p>Basically what the title says. I was wondering if anyone has done this or knows someone who has done this and how successful (or unsuccessful) you were in doing so. I wanted to know because I have written one, under the choose your own topic option, which is philosophical in nature. The basic overview is that in it, I am a pencil (yes I know that sounds boring but ignore that for a moment) and it discusses having a desire for independent thought, to be inquisitive, and to be influential in a world that wants its citizens to be uniform. Anyway, I have written several different essays, but this is my favorite and most creative. However, I fear that writing a fictional short story, being that it does not discuss a moment or influence in my life, will not tell enough about me. Is this something I should be concerned about or does an idea like this have the potential to be successful in admissions to very selective colleges? (These include schools like Dartmouth, Brown, Amherst, and Cornell, among others) Any opinions will be appreciated.</p>

<p>As long as it seems pretty obvious through out the story that the pencil represents you and I'm assuming your love of writing, it should be fine. Also if the story reflects your thought process, your values, or your morals/anything about you, then go for it. Also let your english teacher read it and ask him/her if it works out.</p>

<p>Yeah mine is also like a short story. But it shows pretty much the way I view the world..kinda like insightful and reflective and also the most creative one I've written so far.</p>