Writing about Academics for Supp.Essay?

<p>I want to write about the interdisciplinary studies they offer in UPenn... But the question asks what I could learn and contribute to UPenn community...</p>

<p>You have solved your own question. Answer what the supplemental essay prompt asks you to answer.</p>

<p>UPenn, or any college for that matter, does not want an applicant to regurgitate all that they know about the interdisciplinary studies program. UPenn knows all about it already, trust me. Regardless of the prompt or question, the true point of the supplement - the question it is always asking - is: what else should we know about YOU?</p>

<p>Offer them insight into what YOU can offer to them. Only with this essential premise of explaining YOURSELF and YOUR uniqueness, should you subtly and skillfully weave in your enthusiasm about the interdisciplinary studies program.</p>

<p>Ah yes, albeit a good point, sharonm, the focus of my question was more on whether it was appropriate at all to bring up interdisciplinary studies in any context whatsoever, since what they wish me to answer is what I can get from their "community" (though I suppose that would depend entirely on semantics.)
But thank you for your insightful answer and congratulations on your acceptance to Columbia.</p>