writing about how pokemon influenced me in my essay for yale?

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>so I'm applying to Yale, as my title says, and I'm kinda stressing over what to do about the required second essay.</p>

<p>As a joke, my sister and I started writing random topics for an essay, and I started typing about how Pokemon has shaped my life so much and that the animation lead me to have a passion for the arts.</p>

<p>Well, the fact Pokemon led me to discover art is pretty true, and somehow I pulled a decent looking essay, and I'm kinda hesitant to throw away this idea.
My parents are of course dead against the essay, but some of my friends found this pretty amusing. </p>

<p>would the admissions think I'm some nerd pokemon-obsessed asian kid, or would they actually find some humor in this essay? I'm not a stellar student (my GPA and SAT is decent though, 3.95 and in the 2200s.), so I'm guessing I need something to make me stand out from all the essays the admissions are going to get.</p>

<p>advices please?</p>

<p>If it's well written. If it's heartfelt. I say go for it.</p>

<p>It could work.
I know someone who wrote about Ash Ketchum</p>

<p>"I'm not a stellar student (my GPA and SAT is decent though, 3.95 and in the 2200s.)"</p>

<p>You should write about the humor in that statement.</p>


<p>Is his last name really Ketchum?
I never knew... 0.0</p>

<p>Gotta KETCHUM all! Dun-dun-DUN!</p>

<p>You know...</p>

<p>do it! I love pokemon!</p>

<p>I say go for it I was fiddling around with three topics and I went with how an imaginary friend influenced me</p>

<p>Show your parents the Chicago essay that floating around these boards--it's the truly different essays that get gids over the hump. If you can pull off the topic, it could be a winner.</p>

<p>The topic seems a little too trendy to me, but it'll definitely stand out hahaha. If you can pull off a good essay using the topic, go for it.</p>

<p>(I'm not even showing my parents my essays, because I know they'll be too traditional-minded to agree with what I write about x.x)</p>

<p>I'm not really sure about Yale, seems to conservative to me... but then again they like clam farting so maybe they'll appreciate an essay on pokemon too. Honestly, if you get in with it, that would be amazing.</p>

<p>I would actually be tempted to put "What's your favorite pokemon" on the additional question short answer. haha.</p>

<p>I wrote about Starcraft in my UChicago essay, but then again that's UChicago so... meh. And that wasn't the main focus.</p>

<p>@CanaryK: my parents are making me let them read essays -.- of course I didn't show them the chicago one, I just told them chicago didn't have any supplemental essays.</p>

<p>@feuxfollet: did you talk about how your success parallels total domination when you blow up zerg bodies with siege tanks?</p>

<p>aptennis, I think that is the best CC post I have ever read. If we had signatures on here, that would be in mine, regardless of the fact that I don't know you and that's just super creepy.</p>

<p>LOL feux, they believed you??? On the fact that Chicago had no supplemental essays? That's amazing. Mine are pretty nice to me on the subject of independence and whatnot... I don't like mixing school and home life, I'm actually really anal about that, I bet it bugs the heck out of my parents hahaha. So yeah, they're used to not reading my essays. Whooo. </p>

<p>For what it's worth, on the subject of Yale conservativeness, everyone I know who has gotten into Yale has been the stereotypical good student, and I don't think any of them would ever write about Pokemon. So maybe they are a little more conservative than normal schools.</p>

<p>@aptennis: um first of all I play zerg so I hate siege tanks. I wrote a paragraph about the valkonic style for the game prompt. I don't know if you'd call that blowing up zerg bodies with siege tanks exactly. </p>

<p>Yea they believed me, strangely enough. Or maybe my dad just hated my Cornell essay so much cause he hates all this theoretical physics stuff I like. meh.</p>

<p>but um, back to OP, how exactly did pokemon inspire you to do art? That is certainly not what I remember most about pokemon....</p>

<p>No no, I remember having competitions with my friends to see who could draw the cutest Clefairy. Needless to say, I always won. 8D</p>

<p>Hmm... hopefully the admission officers only had a brief experience with Pokemon.</p>

<p>I wrote my essay about my favorite video game and how it changed my life. A+ Essay.</p>

<p>if it's good then do it. it'll help you stand out</p>

<p>If you will write about Pokemon in your admissions essay for an institution like Yale, make sure that it seems serious and substantial or they will discard your entire application.</p>

<p>If they feel you do not take the endeavor seriously, they will immediately reject you. However, if you can find a way to present it in an amazing way, this will be one of the most unique essay topics I have ever heard of.</p>