Writing An Essay For Summer School For The First Time

Hi guys, I’m in grade 11 and from Pakistan.
Recently my school counselor suggested me applying for Yale’s Summer School Program.
He sent me a link to the site and gave me a sample application to fill out. Thanks to my procrastination, I never started on an application and the counselor expects to have a rough draft of the application by tomorrow. I checked out the application and I saw a few questions and an essay inside. I have no experience at all with these essays and questions for colleges/schools and I have never even read a college essay as well. I’m thinking of applying to their Science, Policy and Innovation classes which are, and I quote, ‘For students with interests in emerging global challenges like global public health, climate change and the environment, and energy.’

The essay in the sample application is:

Please describe the factors that have most influenced you and your hopes and dreams.
How have they shaped you? (500 words max.)

While the short response questions are:

What are you most passionate about? Be specific. (200 word max.)

Why do you want to become a Yale Young Global Scholar? (200 word max.)

What would you contribute to the Yale Young Global Scholars Program andcommunity? (100 words max.)

Since this is my first time writing essays in applications, I need help on how to tackle them and what should I write, also any other sort of help like some keypoints when writing the essay would be greatly appreciated. If it’s any help, here is the link to their program: http://globalscholars.yale.edu/apply/tuition

Thank you.

It’s been a while since you posted, but I think these questions are pretty straightforward. For the shorter questions, get right to the point; don’t try to be too descriptive. You also want to say something different about you in each essay.

For the “passion” essay, you want something that you can back up with actual evidence that you care about it (extracurriculars, classes, experiences, etc.). It’s obvious they want students who are interested in what the courses teach, so that’s a start.

For the “why us” essay, you’re probably going to basically talk about the unique features of this program, and how you will use this information in your future plans.

For the “what would you contribute” essay, that’s pretty short, but basically, what is something unique about you that you can offer.

And for the long essay, just do what it says. This is where you can show off parts of yourself that aren’t related to the program, other interests, activities, talents, goals, etc.