Writing class at Brown

<p>I will be starting Brown this fall and I am thinking about taking a writing course. Can some current students recommend one that either they took, or heard good things about? I have heard the fys writers on writing is good, but I did not get placed into that one during the lottery. </p>

<p>On a side note, I did get a place in “Who Am I” in the spring. Any current students take this course? Thoughts?</p>


<p>If you can, take Fiction. Usually taught by grad students with an interesting approach to teaching, and it teaches you to approach writing in a different way.</p>

<p>i may not recommend this for your first semester, but definitely take creative non fiction if you are interested in writing. it’s fabulous.</p>

<p>If your interests include classics and philosophy, The Idea of Self with Prof. Pucci is generally seen as very good. If they include just classics, The Romans or the Greeks are a lot of reading (in English) and writing, but those I know who took them enjoyed them.</p>