Writing for Professions

<p>My d (in CIT) registered today for a non-tech gened course called 76-270 Writing for the Professions. She can't find anyone that has taken it or has heard anything about it. Does anyone know anything about it as far as the workload - number of papers, projects, etc.?</p>

<p>Kate is a writing major and will have her opinion(and enthusiasm) to add on writing. She's creative writing- but the course you are talking about is in the Prof/tech writing program.
CMU's professional/technical writing program is one of the best in the country- I would NOT expect this to be an easy /low workload course by any measure!</p>

<p>As a CIT student, if you love writing, take the course-- but it's got a lot of papers and from what i've heard my D and her friends talk about - the 5th course/GEs shoudl be selected that are the low workload types- no papers, tests only.
The CIT workload becomes increasingly demanding -- so you don't want to be pulled into HSS workload courses. English and History courses are time sinks-- Psych and Music courses are apparently not such time sinks.</p>

<p>PS I sent you a long message on your other PM to me-- but got prompted for the re-entry of login after hitting the send button- did it arrive?</p>

<p>It's a good class if you aren't a writing student. It's geared towards non-writers -- despite the name, it is actually not a class in the Professional Writing major (well technically I think it counts, but most prof. writing majors take a different class instead). </p>

<p>If your major isn't writing, you will get a lot out of it and find it very useful. They cover resume writing, journalistic techniques, and a bunch of other various paper-writing techniques. Your daughter will probably have one assignment of each type, and a few papers for the semester, but it shouldn't be anything crushing. Writing classes very rarely are about how much work you must do, and focus more on the validity and strength of the arguments you make in your papers.</p>

<p>Thank you both. It actually does sound like a lot of writing. She is doing her depth gened in psych and really likes them. Can you do the non-tech elective in psych too? </p>

<p>Any non-writing majors that have taken this course - I'd love to hear your opinion too.</p>