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<p>I score relatively well on the reading and math sections (both above 700) however my writing score seems to stay at 550-600 and I do not know why! I have tried applying the numerous grammar rules to the questions but when i do attempt a question, I cant seem to identify the problem. It is as if the rules do not apply, it just doesnt seem as simple as what all the books/courses teach. any suggestions?</p>

<p>I use something called Kaplan Spotlight Sat, and it covers the different areas of grammer on the sat, with pqs after each explanation. Its something i useful i think, and i have Barrons writing wb which working on</p>

<p>yonks--can you give us an example of a question that seems not to follow the rules?</p>

<p>Just as Ireland has produced many famous writers and the Netherlands an abundance of famous painters, so Finland has provided a large number of famous architects.
(A) (As it is now)
(B) Finland provides famous architects, and by large numbers
(C) Finland’s contribution is to provide famous architects in a large number
(D) and so then, for Finland, a large number of famous architects is provided
(E) and like them Finland has provided a large number of architects</p>

<p>the answer is A; why?</p>

<p>what did you think the answer was, and why? that'll help us figure out the best way to explain this particular question.</p>

<p>It is correct because it is a correlative conjunction and must have parallel construction. It is just not as common as the other ones that appear in most prep books. I think it does appear in Barron's though.</p>

<pre><code> Correlative Conjunctions

<p>both . . . and
not only . . . but also
not . . . but
either . . . or
rather than neither . . . nor
whether . . . or
as . . . as
JUST AS..... SO</p>

<p>Here is how they have been tested on the last year on real SAT's:</p>

<p>1) Just as movie heroes and sports stars inspire many fans, so teachers inspire many students."</p>

<p>2) Just as Nebraska produces corn, ___________</p>

<p>a) so Florida produces fruit ( CORRECT)
b) Florida produces fruit, and in many varieties
c) Florida's role is to produce fruit </p>

<p>3) "Just as some cats enjoy to be petted, so some people enjoy being flattered from time to time."</p>

<p>I have the same problem Yanks, and I thought the answer was E. Thanks momof2ky for that list I'll commit it to memory.</p>

<p>Ha! I thought it was E, too!! Thanks so much momof2ky!!</p>

<p>Some things to remember:</p>

<p>If a pronoun trips you up during your first read of the sentence (you cannot tell to whom it is referring), be suspicious of it. </p>

<p>Remember how percentiles work on the score sheets to help with "better than" questions. Have you ever met someone who scored in the 100th percentile on the SAT? Of course not- no one can score better than 100 percent of a group he is part of because that would be beating himself. Similiary, the sentence "Hannah scored better than everyone in her math class" is wrong, because Hannah could not score better than herself. The error there is the word everyone.</p>

<p>Beware misplaced modifiers.</p>

<p>honestly i do not like this question at all, it is very poorly written. but still if you had to pick one, A would be it just by hearing the sentences out.</p>