writing - PSAT question

<p>question on satuarday PSAT. its not by any means the exact sentence because i cant remember it word for word...but the concept is there.</p>

<p>Although Joana liked speaking [as well as] writing, she was acclaimed more as a speaker than a writer. </p>

<p>this question was really confusingto me, It seemed there was an idiomatic error in the sentence. The " as well part "doesnt correctly tie with the beginning and end of the sentence. In the beginning "although" is used to set up a contrast between the two clauses and the last clause uses "more" which indicates that the first clause should state a relationship which also uses a word of degree(more,less, etc.). But the beginning of the sentence doesn't do that...but instead uses "as well as" which is neutral (not greater than or less than). I was thinking it should have been "as much as" rather than "as well as" . The sentence makes sense, but the </p>

<p>Rewrite the sentence using and in place of as well as... It just doesn't sound idiomatic to me. Grammatically there is nothing wrong with it, but idiomatically it sounds iffy...</p>

<p>i think this is the one question i got wrong on PSAT writing...or did I? let me know if this reasoninig is garbage or ligitimate...that would be awesome...THANKS</p>

<p>i think i completely overthought this question =p</p>

<p>No error was the consensus answer here.</p>