Writing question

<p>Hey guys I was wondering what was the answer for this writing question. </p>

<p>(Although far more eloquent a speaker), the incumbent made fewer concrete proposals in his campaign speech than the challenger did in hers.
A. Although far more eloquent a speaker
B. He was a far more eloquent speaker
C. In contrast to being far more eloquent as a speaker
D. Despite him being a far more eloquent speaker
E. As a speaker he was more eloquent</p>

<p>Probably A?</p>



<p>yea it is but i have no idea why???</p>

<li>Okay so we need a phrase that is dependent because it will be a comma splice if it is independent. </li>

<p>Be aware that shorter sentences are usually right. For example B & C just sounds weird. No one says "Despite him being a far more
B <- WRONG (1)
C <- wrong
D <- wrong
E <- WRONG (1)</p>

<p>which answer did you pick?</p>

<p>i picked D i thought it sounded better i never heard anyone say it that way too so now I'm questioning my thinking process
i dont know writing is my worst section and for some reason it feels impossible to bring up
but i understand why its A i completely forgot about comma splices</p>

<p>Does anyone have the grammatical explanation for why D is wrong?</p>

<p>being is used as a gerund. him must be changed to his.</p>

<p>Thank you Jeffrey!</p>