Writing question!

<p>Gothic architecture is a style of architecture, associated particularly with cathedrals and other churches, that flourished in Europe during the Middle Ages.</p>

<p>(A) architecture, associated particularly<a href="C">/u</a> architecture, in particular associating</p>

<p>Why is the answer A and not C?</p>

<p>I have another writing question.</p>

<p>Though I am acquainted with Mr. Bartholomew and have long known of his interest in the painting, that he has gone to such lengths to obtain it astonishes me. No error</p>

<p>Why is there no error in the sentence? Shouldn't "long known of" be changed to "long known about?"</p>

<p>1) (C) "architecture, in particular associating" would mean that the architecture Associates cathedrals and other churches. It doesn't make sense that architecture could do an action, such as associate. It is associated With, but it does not Associate.</p>

<p>2) I've always wondered why people do this... if you never read that "long heard of" is wrong, why assume it is? But if you're really confused, do what I do and imagine if you can read that sentence in a scholarly work or something, lol</p>